MaeWestFest iii

The Shows

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A Bris is Still a Bris
by Mary Lathrop
dir by M Anders

When Lily and Lou arrive at the hospital to meet their brand new grandson, the battle between the generations begins . . . A comedy about circumcision.

Art by Tracy Lang
Hanging in the Union Garage, and you might have seen her erotic work in shows around town.

Big Hairy Dog
dir by Marcy Rodenborn
A short one-woman piece featuring one woman.

Capsules of Time
by Aileen O'Leary
Part poetry, part dance, the 4 women in this short play seek to capture moments in time.

Reading by Sharyn Shipley
dir by Sara Forsythe
Felicity accidentally witnesses the murder of King Hamlet. Befriended by Ophelia, the court cook and Horatio, only Felicity is privy to the "true" story behind the classic tragedy.

Grants Workshop
Betsy Bidwell will tell us how to get $.

by Louise Zamparutti
Created and performed by Louise Zamparutti. Interloper is the story of a curious creature on an important quest. Blindly sneaking her way into unfamiliar but fascinating territory, she entangles herself in one mess after another. And then she discovers she is not alone.

Keeping Fit with Harry Marbletop
by Susan Segalla
dir by Heidi Heimarck

Poor Harry has a good time anyway. He is very old, very active, and a good storyteller. What more is there?

dir by Cara Brody et al
A Serial Dramedy. Episode 1: Home Sweet Home. When the Squat Theatre Space residents need money, they'll do anything to get it. Join Cat, Joey and Lyle as they struggle to keep a roof over their head, their party under control, the gothic performance troupe satisfied, their neighbor out of their living room, and a fifth roommate for more than a month. Anything can happen, and does, during this first episode of Kraken. Don't miss the rent party of the year!

Life with the Dead Man
Reading & Discussion by Patricia Thomas (based on "Life with the Dead Man" by Marvin Bell)
Touring the desert, a Tap Dancer bumps into a Dead Man unearthed by the Weird Sisters, a trio of vaudevillian paleontologist/musicians. The Tap Dancer is a traveler, a dreamer, a born chameleon, and full of questions. The Dead Man is elusive - a man of disguises and unconventional wisdom. Together they tap into an often surreal world crowded with artists, airline passengers, waitresses, the defenseless, and the mythological. The time is now. The place is here. There are six scenes resembling postcards from a New Orleans of the mind.

by Roxanne Ray
dir by Monique Kleinhans

In the conclusion to the Tales of the Thousand and One Nights, it is noted in retrospect that during those 1001 nights of storytelling, Scheherazade had borne 3 male children to the King. The entire catalog of stories is set against the almost invisible backdrop of Scheherazade's struggle to prevent the King from executing her and all other women who would follow her as the King's consort; yet, no mention of her pregnancies and labors is made in the main text of The Thousand and One Nights. This play, an original exploration of the life of a mythological character, seeks to sharpen the focus on the difficulties faced by Scheherazade in diverting the King from his murderous aims.

Open mike. Process oriented. Come and work on your new stuff, listen to others.

Susanna Burney: A short reading of a new work.
Cause she needed a deadline to get writing done. This eventually became "Personal Effects" - Produced and Directed by Heidi Heimarck at Theatre Babylon.

Rain City Readings
curated by Olga Sanchez
Featuring Mary Lathrop, S.P. Miskowski, Rose Cano, Dr. Tawnya Pettiford-Wates, Keri Healy, Loren Marshall and Elena Hartwell.

Sleeping Dogs Lie
dir by Shaana Litwin
Ned, a cross-dressing stepfather is accused of abusing Robin. Robin, an angry step-daugher, Eva, a missing mother, and Mary May Day, a loving protective, traditional grandmother do what they can to get Ned out of the house. Issues are presented before a law abiding helpful judge who must decide if this really is a case of domestic violence or if this case before her is about a person being prosecuted because he chose to live a life suited more to himself instead of others beliefs.

by Nancy Calos-Nakano
The storyteller's gift, multi-cultural aspects. By Nancy Calos-Nakano.

The Mamet Women
dir by Tess Thompson
A short and hilarious play written in the style of Mamet about 2 women and how they're going to make a deal.

Tierra Sin Mal
by Rose Cano
dir by Olga Sanchez

Fresh from tours of New York and something like Chile, this performance piece promises to entertain and beguile.

Untitled 2 Women - Workshopped Staged-Reading
A collaborative piece which is still being created as I write.

by Vanessa DeWoolf
Vanessa DeWoolf and video and live performance. Yay!

Wise Woman Panel
Rumor has it we've got Susan Powter and Jean Joon, so far. Who knows what other power-women we might add?

Youth & Street Poets
Readings curated by Nancy Calos-Nakano
Readings from Youth and Street Poets.