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by Dickey Nesenger dir by June Prager
A dark fairy tale where a lonely caretaker is forced to chose between living forever but alone, or love and death. With Curtis Eastwood and Vivienne Joyce.

The Blackmailer
by Roxanne Ray
dir by CL Johnston
Concerning the strange relationship between an uncle and his young adult niece, the piece explores drives for power via sexual manipulation, as well as delusions of both grandeur and vulnerabilty.

Kate Brown - le cabaret delux
Music, comedy and serious business.

Cry Fire
by Stephanie Timm
A new performance piece written and performed by Stephanie Timm, directed by Keiko Ichinose, tracks a young woman's paranoid voyage through an endless night with the doors locked, weapons handy, and all the lights on. The piece explores how and what one woman perceives as danger; how she both avoids and confronts it.

The Erotic Divine: La Voix Femme
compiled by R. Nina Ruchirat
Four short plays, poetry, visual art and music are presented with a focus on the transcendental and unpredictable nature of human sensuality.

Flo & Glo
by Katie Mckee
According to this troupe of recent Cornish grads, "This is the best play you'll ever see!" We hope so. We do know that they've got FUNNY costumes.

The Homeless One
by Esther Altshul-Helfgott
dir by Ruth A Fox
performed by members of StreetWrites: The Real Change Poets
The show is a dramatization of a poem for voices and deals with the issues of homelessness and schizophrenia, particularly as they affect women. the characters are based on real women who currently live in Seattle.

The Hunt on Rattlesnake Ridge
by Sky Myers
dir by Suzy Willhoft
Imagine the smell of sage, the sound of coyotes, the stars... "This is the true story of how I discovered what made me different from the men in my family... of my one and only trip to Rattlesnake Ridge." Guns, rabbits, and aliens combine as Mona take a nighttime journey which will change her forever.

International Centre for Women Playwrights (Readings)
dir by Rachel Katz-Carey
Reading of 8 short plays and monologues written by women from all over the world.

by Heather Braaten
dir by Carys Kresny
Lucy is a talented, young painter who is detached from her feelings and the world around her. Her situation worsens with the impending death of her mother, and their inability to reach out and understand each other. This quirky, comedy-drama will be presented as a STAGED READING. It's terrific cast includes Susy Schnieder as the mom, and the author as Lucy.

Mistress of Milk
by Zoe Wright
A one-woman performance with frank discussion and teaching and laughing about breasts.

Montague & Capulet
by Sharyn Shipley
Reading of a full-length play.

Mother Jones Will Speak
performed by Therese Diekhans
An infinitesimal portion of the flavor of Mother Jones, once called "The most dangerous woman in America," and the times in which she lived, the Industrial Revolution, is presented in MOTHER JONES WILL SPEAK, compiled from letters, speeches, interviews and testimony given before judges and senate committees. The play opens with a "Doubting Thomas' " lack of faith in the will and tenacity of Mother Jones in her struggle to unite the workers of America. We are then introduced to a few of the powerful people she struggled against, as well as an assortment of her supporters and detractors, as Mother Jones continues in her battle to "do what is right" for "her boys." The story unfolds of her passion for the cause of Labor and the hope she brought to a nation of downtrodden laborers. The play concludes with her speech delivered to a crowd of West Virginians in Montgomery in 1912, at the age of 82. Mother Jones was a stalwart defender of the working men, women and children of America, an outspoken advocate of worker's rights, and the nation's conscience. "I want to say to you that the next generation will not charge us for what we have done, they will charge and condemn us for what we have left undone." MOTHER JONES WILL SPEAK is but the tip of the iceberg in the largely forgotten lore of one of America's greatest women, Mother Mary Harris Jones.

by Louise Zamparutti
A dance/performance piece.

Pause Rest Worship
by Heidi Heimarck
A short play about a hermit who raises an abandoned baby, and the crazy born-again who left her child at the Pause, Rest, Worship on Highway 2.

Radiance - Reading of a new screenplay
by Joy S. Laughter
An aging scientist must choose between the life of a childlike alien and the survival of his shipmates. The ever-colonizing human race has reached into the galaxy. Yet no life form bigger than slime mold has ever been found. When a battered Survey ship crewed by seven burnout cases stumbles across a genderless humanoid alien...

by Keira MacDonald
Hilarious dialogue with her own body parts!

The Six Basic Rules
by Mary Lathrop
dir by Monique Kleinhans

A full-length comedy that tells the story of James and Louis Pettigrew. After a whirlwind, one week courtship and a hasty wedding, James and Louise must channel all of their passion and recklessness into a life together. In a well-integrated episodic structure, the play explores their most outrageous attempts at achieving connubial bliss.

The Warm-Up Comedian in the House of Love
written and performed by Jeannette Allee
A one-woman, interactive multimedia (victrola, slide show, champagne bucket) performance piece on Love, Sex, and uberawareness. Special guest host: Baroness Jzeannette, The Teutonic ToughLove Tywrant (think Marlene Dietrich meets General Patton and they won't take any sheisse weak love). Topics include: Sex/The Everything and Nothing of It, True Love and Decriminalization, Pornography, Condom Use, a naked German sailor/manatee nipple story and a salute to an old

White-Knuckled Bride
written and performed by Christina Lynn Black
Follow a woman deciding to take her soon to be husband's last name or not. She invites us in with simple and funny conversation. What unfolds is a series of her own thoughts and fears about the marriage. We are first exposed to characters (parodies of) who exhibit culpable prejdices we all have within ourselves. Our lead is a woman who lived as a lesbian and later as bisexual in a constantly changing gay community. With the decision of marrying hitting her for the first time, she realizes not only that her old life is over, but becomes acutely aware that a new life is about to begin.

Why Can't Ophelia Swim?
by Juli Etheridge
dir by Kerry Weddle
A funny and touching piece about one woman's search for that unreachable life jacket as her mind begins to deteriorate. She struggles with her brother, her father, her lover, and that LOUD voice in her head that has nothing but lies and criticism to offer. A solo performance that previewed last summer at The Riverside Theatre in New Mexico with great success, Why Can't Ophelia Swim? is at once full of laughs and wonder as it explores a woman's wrestling match with herself and the deep water she's found herself in.

Wise Woman Panel
Free discussion re: women and art. Who knows what power-women we might query?