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Warmup Comedian in the House of Love
by Jeannette Allee (45 min.)
The Warm-up Comedian in the House of Love is an ever-changing performance on Love, Desire and uberawareness. It has been called insightful, naughty, and subversely moral. Topics may include: True Love and Decriminalization (we are all messed up indifferent ways, let's help each other out), Condom Use (yes it's safe but feels like making love to Gumby), Crumb Bum Antics (God works in mysterious ways), plus a naked German sailor/manatee-nipple story.

Heart of an Awl
by Jessica Barkl (60 min.)
Anna Deveare Smith loves to find what she calls the American Character. She looks for it when we're in conflict or in our president who is supposedly the most American of us all. But- truly, Who are Americans? What is it to be an American? Thornton Wilder talks about Americans in his novel 'The Eighth day'; one of his characters says: " . . .[that he] felt they were lacking in self-respect. They were slow to anger. They were serene under snub and insult. He was able to deny their intelligence, but characterized it as lacking "suppleness and charm." (269) I think America's character lies in its families, however strange they may be. Heart of an Awl explores the playwright's family from their own words with the simple discussion of 'What is love?' and 'Why does someone love you?' The playwright hopes to grasp the audience's mind with these questions and to somewhat formulate what it is to have an "American" identity. It is easy to stereotupe Americans, but it isn't easy to define them.

Scandinavian Abstract Jazz
by Anna Rosa Bjornsson
Directed by Sarah Shipley.(45 min)
"I am a prisoner in this room, my name is Calliope and I am not mad I am the female version of human beings". Calliope is locked up in a madhouse after revealing to society that Strindberg has entered her body and is living inside her. She is not too keen on a package deal, and does not want to share her body with another soul. A beautiful poetic original solo piece that has it all. If you like Bjork's lyrics then you'll love this. "Scandinavian Abstract Jazz" is a brilliant physical piece accompanied by live music.

51 & Counting
by Mary Anne Boyd (30 min.)
"51 and Counting" is my solo stab at understanding my own employment resume. Everyone has had a few jobs over the course of a couple of decades. I've had fifty-one. It's an expository look at the world of work. It's stand-up, it's music, it's cabaret. From interview to resignation, it's all here! Come and check out the real me!

Music by Kate Brown (45 min.)

Road Trip'in
by Lou Clark (10 min.)
Sexy . . . .scintillating . . . .Sasha. Jack Kerouac never saw anyone like this on the road! Come see what happens when a Man and Woman are having a beer somewhere in Montana, and fate intervenes in the form of an aroma therapist. "Road Trip'in" is the latest play written by Louise Clark, whose work was last seen in the 2001 Seattle Fringe Festival. Clark's play, Run Between the Raindrops, was praised by the Seattle P-I as, "an entertaining adventure."

The Revolution Is Not Always Outside
by Laurie Conner
Two sisters enter their own private revolutions in terms of how they see the world. Ruthie, the younger sister feels change starts at home. Sarah, the eldest believes it takes place in the courtroom. The sisters must find a place in the world without their mother, and a place in each other's heart without sacrificing themselves, or their beliefs to hold these positions.

Backyard Power Lines
by Katy Ellis (20 min.)
"Backyard Power Lines: Poetry from Suburbia" - Katy Ellis will read poetry from a manuscript in progress reflecting experiences growing up in South King County (Renton, to be precise). Poems read will touch on the implications of suburbia on an otherwise "natural" landscape and what it was like growing up under high voltage power lines.

Uppity Women . . . & the dumb shit they do
by Juli Etheridge (30 min.)
"Uppity Women . . . and the dumb shit they do", is a montage of stories about mythical women told through movement, song, puppets, and other various crazy things. It is a silly, weird, funny, and sweet retelling of some classic tales. Antigone never looked better than she does as a sock puppet.

maxipads, angels and other winged things . . .
by Dana Gerringer & Kara L.C. Jones (30 min.)
Gravity's Daughter, a production company of two, Dana Gerringer, and Kara L.C. Jones, was conceived when grief got tired of tears, slipped and fell on it's ass, and landed in a pile of humor. "maxi-pads, angels, and other winged things . . . " is a piece full of poetry, life altering grief bombs, and two everyday alchemists turning the worst life has to offer into angelic matter and other winged things."

by Anglea Gist (60 min.)
You may not see the results of your efforts in this lifetime. But if you do nothing, there will be no results-Ghandi val-i-date, (v.t.) 1. to make valid; substantiate; confirm Do you give validation, or do you take it? In a world that seems less and less real, where do you seek your official sanction? *These questions are not answered in the play, but come anyway, someone sitting next to you may know something. **Not suggested for young audiences

by Vivienne Glance (60 min.)
Struggling to transform herself into an icon of modern beauty, plain Jane transfixes on her ideal as she navigates through a dream-like journey encountering a witch, spells, and Creatrix, the goddess of the beginning of time. With the occasional pinch of Grandmother's advice, Jane discovers that fairytales aren't always fair. A whirlwind solo show filled with dramatic metaphor and poetic imagery.

Like Delicate Ladies
by Jen Grigg (40 min.)
Melding poetic language, science, music and dance," Like Delicate Ladies" explores the spectrum of sexuality and the struggle for self esteem as the play sifts through photographic snippets of an intense relationship between two women and their other lovers.

by Laurel Haines (60 min.)
Mother Teresa is pissed off. Heaven's not what it's cracked up to be- and it's all because of Princess Diana. From a Fat Camp beauty queen to a homicidal housewife, join Sirens Theatre Company in their struggle to understand the impact the image of Princess Diana has had on women's lives. The Seattle Times has called these 1999 and 2001 Seattle Fringe Festival Artistic Picks Finalists "Touching, powerful [and] heartbreaking", and the Weekly says "Original and hilarious."

Three Short Films
by Elena Hartwell (30 min.)
3 short films: E.D Pluckett's Song, Written and Directed by Sarah Kravig, Fourth Floor Going Down: Directed by Laura Nichols and Curse, Sing, Stone, Written and Directed by Elena Hartwell. Sarah Kravig and Laura Nichols have both recently finished their undergraduate degrees in TV, Film and Broadcasting from the University of Georgia. Elena Hartwell is currently working on her Ph.D in Theatre and Drama also at the University of Georgia. Her comedy 'Fast Ducks' will premiere in March 2002 at the Detroit Repertory Theatre. She is currently living in Athens and is working on her new play 'The Summer of St. Louis', Elena is a member of the Dramatists Guild. The films were shot on Hi 8 and Edited on Macintosh.

BJ True & Clark
by Karen Havnaer (20 min.)
"Confused, struggling with a developing consciousness, Kitty True, 17, is caught by B. J. Clark, also 17, who Kitty thinks likely to thrive, hiding out in the school gym. B. J. tries to uproot Kitty and save her from escaping to the streets."

2 Short Pieces
by Heidi Heimarck (30 min.)
Heidi is a self-declared grande dame of short plays. Her short plays have been labeled "cubist mosaics", "monstrous", "hideous", "primitive" and "brilliant" by people who know better. The two scheduled here will probably be "We Do Not Want to Get Wet" and "Instant Karma - the Rock Musical"; both of which carefully entertain the curious-minded. Directed by Ellen Graham

Getting Home
by Donna Liberty (30 min.)
Two sisters arrive at a crossroads in their lives as they struggle to gain independence from family, legacy, and roles expected of them.

Undiscovered Love
by Jaime Mastromonica (30 min.)
"We are the movies and the movies are us."-- David Ansen, Newsweek Magazine Marie is a classic movie fanatic who has been unable to find a perfect "movie love" in her modern life, but when the magic Marie has always dreamed of actually does happen- Will she be too afraid to discover love? "Undiscovered Love" premiered at the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival.

by Joanie McGowan (60 min.)
"FEAR-Our Top Ten Fears and My True Life Stories of How I Got Rid of Em" is a one-woman show lived and performed by Joanie McGowan. McGowan addresses life's intimidating situations, including public speaking, going broke, dealing with teenagers and dancing. Several of her fears were eradicated during a six-year stint of working the day stalls in Pike Place Market. McGowan is now a Seattle refugee, having fled the area in 1992 to return to a life with less gridlock in idyllic Ashland, Oregon. While stuck in the Emerald City traffic jam, McGowan performed with several amazing and wonderful theater companies, and has just finished 18 months of sold-out performances with the comedy improvisation troupe, The Hamazons. Audience members are encouraged to bring an object that symbolizes their greatest fear". It's a ritual thing . . .

This, This, This
by Maren Perry (30 min.)
Ah, time to move . . . so what do a fairy godmother, a case-worker-of-death, a secret lover, and a mother who Fed-Exes Wonderbras all have in common? Naturally, they all appear in this woman's room as she packs up her apartment! Some things gotta stay. Some gotta go. The question is- which ones do you take with you? This . . . This . . . This.

Say Goodbye to Norma
by Tanja Pineda (90 min.)
Jung, Freud, a woman named Norma, and an American actress in a small cornered room at a psychiatric center in Berlin, Germany, If only the walls could talk . . . "Norma. She had almost everything. Beauty, money . . . What was she thinking that night?" - - Audrey - - You will never think of psychology the same way again.

Readings by International Playwrights
(60 min.)
Readings by Seattle actresses of 10 minute plays and monologues written by members of the International Centre for Women Playwrights. Directed by Rachel Katz Carey. The International Centre for Women Playwrights supports women playwrights around the world by bringing attention to their achievements; encouraging production and publication of their works; providing contact among the world's women dramatists; and supporting their efforts to gain professional equality. For more information about the ICWP, please visit our website at:

Captives All & Siren Song
by Roxanne Ray (30 min.)
"Captives All" is a set of two companion pieces on the theme of captivity. In "Captivated," a young woman relives her astonishment at being the 5-year-old pawn in the politics of family and nation. "Siren Song" is based on two different true stories of "captivity" under water: the unsolved murder of Mary Rogers in 19th-century New York and the Russian sailors drowned in the recent Kursk submarine disaster. Even in death, those in captivity retain their desire to speak and to ponder the mysteries they leave behind.

All Acts of Love and Pleasure
by Marcy Rodenborn (45 min.)
Sparks fly when Pagan woman meets young Christian man. Maura desperately needs someone to help her with an important ritual. Charlie appears at the door to convert her to a very unique flavor of Christianity. These two have met before and soon are enmeshed in a tug of war over religion and sexuality. Comedy, drama and ritual meet as the characters discover what truths can hurt them and what can heal them.

by Magda Rook with music by Michael Griffin (40 min.)
Movement and Vocal piece about piracy by Magda Rook and experimental violinist Michael Griffin from the "Arty Smudges Trio".

Smoke & Glass
by PJ Sheehy (30 min.)
Smoke and Glass presents a collage of psycho-social-cultural images while it explores the relationship between the women who meet at a metaphorical crossroads to retrieve a piece of themselves. A special thanks to Susan Finque for directorial support and advice, and to Cherri Davis for her endless love and inspiration.

Naked - Poetic/Performance Art
by Jeanne Spicuzza (45 min.)
NAKED has been performed in over 15 cities including los Angeles, Milwaukee, Bristol, London, and Washington DC, in pubs, cafes, nightclubs, and 2000-seat theatres both as multi-artist/ multi-media, and as one-woman show. NAKED, a journey through history, intellect, passion, and art, is a culmination of ten years of work written by Jeanne Marie Spicuzza.

Anna Whirlwindhorse / Russell Intends
by Michelle Thorson (30 min.)
You're invited to re-think Indigenous issues. Anna Whirlwindhorse is "One Woman". A spry Lakota elder asked to speak at a group meeting. She reflects upon the current situation on the Rez, while addressing the repercussions of forced assimilation at Catholic school. "Russell Intends" is a former American Indian Movement activist-poseur. We find him speaking to himself in the mirror as he proudly proclaims how he has achieved his own brand of fame, fortune, and glory.

Bog Man
by Jessica Staley (15 min.)
A deliciously creepy leaving story. With a separation looming, a brother and sister in rural Ireland struggle for control. She resolves to create a better life; he is desperate to hold onto the one they have. The roots of obsessive dependency are ripped up against a backdrop of ancient, brutal ritual.

by Amy Wheeler (30 min.)
Intersection was first produced at New York's Greenwich Street Theatre in 1995, in a special engagement designed to raise funds for organizations assisting women living in shelters and on the streets. In 1996, a short film of the piece, titled Intersections, was produced by Bright Pictures, Ltd. Shot on location in Manhattan, the film was sponsored by the prestigious New York Foundation for the Arts Artists New Works project, and has been screened at various festivals across the country.

My Precious Little Lunchbox
by Louise Zamparutti (45 min.)
Do you starve at yourself? Stuff yourself? Like to puke? Maybe you have an eating disorder. Well, there's a place for us! Or is there?