MaeWest Fest Vi
July 18 – 21, 2002

The Shows

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36 Hours in Pittsburgh (aka 16 Hours in Steeltown)
by Lou Clark
directed by Caitlin Moon

The Man and Woman are ON THE ROAD AGAIN! Destination: Seattle. First stop: Steeltown, where they encounter local lounge singing upstart Tony Ramone. HE’S NOT SHY! Will their first stop be their last stop? Will Tony make the Woman join his lounge act? Will the hot tub ruin everyone’s eveningwear? These answers and more in the follow-up to last summer’s Road Trip’in. (45 min )

Agent Jane
by Janea R. Boyles
directed by Val Bush

Jane South secretly fantasizes she's a James Bond-esque spy with a zany, feminist sensibility. See her narrate her own dreams as she rescues herself and her beloved Desiree from the enemy world of homophobia and stereotype. (15 min)

Baroness Jzeannette, the Teutonic ToughLove Tywrant
written and performed by Jeannette Allée
Baroness Jzeannette (think: Marlene Dietrich meets General Patton and she won’t take any sheisse weak love!) answers your questions on Life & Love with a swift slap across the soul that slouches. Interactive, social critique in fishnets, cabaret-style. Check your struedel at the door. (45 min)

Body Language
written and performed by Monique Kleinhans
directed by Rachel Katz Carey and choreography by Rebecca Katz

In the land of cramped toes, vinyl cushions, shoe salesmen and mounds of discarded soles.. a woman shops for the perfect fit. Using movement, spoken word and media Body Language explores how we dance in the world – searching for the ever elusive Prince Charming to partner with, and learning how to move in a body which fails to fall within the lines of a dancer’s shape. (30 min)

But How Would You Play Baseball?
by Elise Forier
directed by Alex Apostolidis

“Success, recognition and conformity are the bywords of the modern world where everyone seems to crave the anesthetizing security of being identified with the majority”– Martin Luther King, Jr. Being different has always been difficult, but today we are under even more scrutiny to FIT IN, to be NORMAL. This play reaffirms the importance of embracing that which makes us different. (35 min)

Her Last Dispatch
written by Amanda Aikman
directed by Amy C. Thomas
Carol and Francesca, war correspondents with important stories to file, take refuge from the sniper fire in a deserted café in a war-torn city. Carol’s devotion to world peace may be at odds with Francesca’s unwavering dedication to journalistic integrity. Each must make a life-changing decision ...and one will file her last dispatch. (50 min)

The Holiday Show
by S.P. Miskowski
directed by Ellen Graham
In a cold, dank Seattle rehearsal room, four disagreeable artists meet in secret. Their goal: to select talent for a new theatre festival. The disturbing result: The Holiday Show. Watch in horror and learn how "art" is made! From excruciating classics to experimental tripe, The Holiday Show leaves no theatre tradition unscathed. S.P. Miskowski's recent comedies have been acclaimed at 14/48 and FringeACT 2002. (40 min)

Hot Comb: Brandin' One Mark of Oppression
by Kimberly Morgan
is a performance about hair. About the politics of Black Women's hair. About how society gazes at Black Women through their hair choices and how they construct themselves because of this stare. It provides viewers with images of Black Women and the struggles they face due to their hair choices. A performance grounded in fact and flying through 40 minutes of endless possibilities. (40 min)

Katherine's Jar
written by Peggy Stafford
directed by Heidi Heimarck
"The ending is kind of like a beginning." Katherine has retreated to living in a jar, while her husband-to-be speaks of molecules and Brownian Motion, the Elder is visiting from somewhere in Europe, and Mother polishes the furniture with Lemon Pledge. Stafford's work is recognized for its deep underlying currents of sexuality, a light-hearted view of turbulent lives, and memories that pop up at unexpected times. (15 min)

Leaving The Nest: A Modern Melodrama
Jessica Staley
directed by Rebecca Lingafelter

AN AMERICAN FAMILY teetering on the BALANCE SHEET OF LIFE! -- THE BIGGULP MACHINE -- As life springs forth within her... can she bear the HEAVY BURDEN? -- Thrill as the Rollicking Chords of the Organ Swell – Battle of the Brains: *THE ACCOUNTANT vs. NUBILE STUD* -- Startling and Sensational Revelations! (15 min)

Like this.
by Lindsay Brandon Hunter
directed by Susanna Burney

Friends negotiate adulthood as a steadfast duo while life around them curves into unfamiliar shapes. When one of them finds a soul mate outside the dyad, the two women struggle to preserve intimacy in the face of inevitable change. With Anni Bluhm and Lindsay Hunter. (55 min)

Love Arm'd, Aphra Behn & Her Pen
written and performed by Karen Eterovich
takes place in the spring of 1682, on Aphra's last night with her live-in lover. This dramatic rendering of Behn's life reconfigures her work into a dramatic confrontation, highlighting her conflicting emotions as she contends with sexuality, faithlessness, and disease. (60 min)

by Jennifer Bloomfield
directed by Margaret O’Malley

Neimann lives on his dreams and makes those around him believe in them, too. Helen knows that dreams don’t pay the bills. She struggles with the need to survive vs. the need to just believe. (15 min)

Memorial Day
written by Sharyn Shipley
directed by Roz Kuring

When Shandel accompanies a dying man to the hospital she's mistaken for his wife. But he's an ex-Nazi working off his penance in a Jewish senior center and she’s the center’s most popular resident. A comedy about love, hate and redemption. (25 min)

The Misguided Sister (A Staged Reading)
by Tanja Pineda
directed by Marguerite DiGiovanni

A staged reading of a play still in progess. Audience will be provided a feedback sheet, which will be collected after the show. Your input is valuable! When a stranger enters a home and becomes a participant in a game of cards, nothing is as it seems. The stakes are high for everyone. There will be winners and losers. Some will learn how to deal with the cards given to them while others may fold. All based on a judgement call. (55 min)

by Lois Mackey
directed by Beth Raas

Vera Traylor’s world comes tumbling down when she gets involved with a man whose heart is filled with promises he may not be able to keep. Vera is clueless when she’s arrested and detained on drug possession charges when the police raid her apartment and find cocaine. It seems her man has disappeared and she’s left to carry the burden. (60 min)

My Box
by Ki Gottberg
directed by Rosa Joshi

“I have a lovely box. Look at it. What delights might one find in such a box? Only the exceptional, the delectable, the divine... in a box like mine.” At an art gallery opening, a woman comes face to face with a disturbing work of art that takes her on a slippery journey that transforms her world. (25 min)

On The Roof
by Brooke Rogers
directed by Alexis Poledouris

This monologue takes place on a roof. In the split second before a choice is made, a woman struggles to comprehend what has led her to this crucial moment, and where it might yet lead her. In trying to piece together her so-called tragedies, the inescapable ridiculousness of life shines through. But that always happens. And maybe, hopefully, that's the point. (35 min)

Order Of Insects
adapted and directed by Kate Simpson
From the short story by award winning author William Gass, one woman’s journey towards self-discovery through the unlikely medium of ...roaches? Watch a humble housewife move from horror to fascination to love while a Chorus of Roaches dances and climbs around her! A multimedia performance art phantasmagoria that examines the underbelly of the Feminist movement. World Premiere. (40 min)

Parrot Fever (Or, Lies I've Told in Chat Rooms)
written and directed by Keri Healey
In late 2001, the author set out to learn more about human sexual response and the nature of uninhibited love by entering into a world in which everyone is attractive -- the Internet. While talking to invisible men about arousal, she experienced the final disintegration of her cancer-ridden best friend and the collapse of her own immune system thanks to an infection allegedly transmitted to her by birds. A love story. (45 min)

R (The Swashbuckling Tale of Anne Bonny and Mary Read)
written and performed by Kristina Sutherland and Desiree Prewitt
Few facts exist about the infamous pirate queens Anne Bonny and Mary Read. They cross-dressed as men, attacked Caribbean vessels for a year with "Calico Jack", and faced the gallows in 1720. Their short, dangerous lives have sparked an endless stream of tall tales. Expect an action-packed hour of swordplay, salty characters, and drunken sea shanties. (60 min)

Romance: The World Has Jagged Edges (A Staged Reading)
by Erin Lavery
directed by Faye Hoerhauf

A staged reading. When Jeanine and Mary meet, falling in love is unavoidable, but can two women who are so different build a life together without killing each other? Is there any place for them to go but separate ways when the trust is gone? A knitting circle of speed addicts and one grumpy chick help us navigate these challenges while Jeanine and Mary suffer through them, bringing a new strange beauty to the word romance. (50 min)

Shakespeare’s Bitchez and Hoez
written by Jessica Barkl
directed by Lou Clark
A variety show that includes many of Shakespeare’s varied heroines sidled up with the likes of Madonna, the Ab Fab ladies and Death. A fun-filled show that won’t make you hate people speaking Shakespeare. (60 min)

written by Sally Dean
directed by Sally Dean & Rachel Street

This dark-comedy flickers on the edges of humor and violence, creating Simone's surreal journey through music, movement, and text. As an 18-year-old refugee and musician, Simone struggles to survive as French aristocratic male twins capitalize on her musical ingenuity and sexuality. Each attempt to escape leads Simone into another trap... (45 min)

Table Stakes; No Limit written
by Mary Lathrop
directed by Rachel Katz Carey

In the ultimate high stakes game of gossip Sara and Ingrid lay everything on the line. It's a jackpot of family feuds, love, betrayal, adultery, mental illness, and sexual perversion that only one of them can win. This is some dish! (35 min )

Women With Balls,
by Donna Rae Davidson
directed by Joanne Klein
is a musical multi-media crash course in Women's History. From Joan of Arc to Oprah, this play celebrates the lives of fifty powerful women. Women With Balls was a sellout in March of 2000 at the World Premiere Theatre in Eureka, CA and was voted "Best Of Fest" at the1998 Seattle Fringe Theatre Festival. Men welcome! (75 min)