Mae West Fest VIII
July 24 - 27, 2003

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Films for the Fest

"It's better to be looked over, than overlooked." Mae West

by SJ Chiro
5-7 minutes VHS
"This Boy" is a personal look at my seven-year-old son. How can he grow up to be a strong, healthy, loving man?

by Lynn Shelton            
3 minutes VHS
Lynn Shelton (Producer/Writer/Director) has been a filmmaker and editor since receiving an MFA in Photography and Related Media from the School of Visual Arts in New York City in 1995. Her work has been screened at numerous festivals and venues including Women in the Director's Chair, Shorts International Film Festival, Seattle International Film Festival, "First Person Cinema" at the Northwest Film Forum and Northwest New Works at On the Boards. Her film, The Clouds That Touch Us Out of Clear Skies, was named "Best Documentary" at the Northwest Film Festival in 2000.                                                

"PAIN"(Viewer discretion is advised).
by Meg McHutchison & Mark Van S

8 minutes
A surreal moment in the life of photographer Camlin Vance.
For more than twenty years, Meg McHutchison has applied her creativity to producing high caliber film, video projects and arts events in the non-profit and for profit arenas. Meg is an interdisciplinary artist who finds it strangely satisfying to bridge the world of film, performance and text.

Live Performance

Writ/Directed by Marie Jones
Sometimes it's better to chuck the map, and drive in circles for awhile.

"BABY JOE'S SONG"       
Playwright : Nancy Gall-Clayton
Director:  Margaret O'Malley

"Baby Joe's Song" examines a tragedy in a small town high school from the perspectives of those involved and those who might have prevented it.

Playwright:  Katie Clegg
Director:  Mary Beth Dagg

A dysfunctional Manhattan literary agency falls victim to the machinations of a rejected writer, a philosophizing parrot and a murderous best-selling detective fiction novelist.  Fasten your seatbelts for some razor-quick repartee from an accomplished Seattle cast.  This smart satire takes the pulse of today's publishing market and exposes the daunting hurdles facing aspiring writers.

Playwright:  Louise Penberthy
Director:  Carol Roscoe

It's spring, 1935, and 19-year-old Ruth is getting dressed for her wedding, thinking about the life she has planned with her fiancé Robert and his young daughter.  She hasn't thought about Ralph, a young man she once dated, in years.  But her father reveals a secret about why Ruth never saw or heard from Ralph again, darkening Ruth's wedding day in a way that will either strengthen or destroy her impending marriage.  

Playwright:  Shelly Mazzanoble
Director:  Heidi Broadhead     
Maddie, a single woman in her twenties, hits on a brilliant idea while shoe shopping: Women fall in love at the mall all the time—with a great pair of sling-backs, the newest shade of lipstick, the perfect black dress. So if the mountain won't come to Maddie , Maddie will go to the mountain. Or at least where the mountain shops. Over-confident and under-sexed she applies for a job in a men's clothing store and gives new meaning to the phrase "shopping for your boyfriend." 
Somewhere between usurping her nineteen year-old manager's authority, molesting mannequins and insulting couples, Maddie's confidence takes a beating as she realizes her brains, unabashed wit and great shoes don't make up for the one accessory she still lacks. Her career in retail husbandry may be the latest fleeting trend, but she manages to learn a few timeless lessons along the way.
-- Pre-packed pint of frozen yogurt: $5.67 (one hour's pay).
-- Finding what you've been looking for when you finally stop looking: priceless.

Writ/Perf by Elizabeth Whitney
A 50 minute piece about queer idenity. Wonder Woman resigns from the U.S. military, finds true love in Cleveland, and reinvents herself as a lounge singer. Elizabeth Whitney is a touring solo performer currently hailing from Wisconson.

Playwright:  Kathleen Warnock
Director:  Emily Fishkind

How do you approach an ex-boyfriend about being a "donor" while eating crab legs? Watch this play and find out! 

Playwright:  Desiree Burch
Director:  Desiree Burch

"Careless" is a maniacal skip over the human journey of learning to communicate.  In this comic romp, an artful girl learns to express her selves through the angelic faces of children swearing in the playgrounds, the indecipherable code of dreams and the solitary communion of bodily functions.  Experiencing sex and television as attempted levels of contact, she must navigate through the physical limitations of wireless communication, and the intellectual limitations of physical contact--finding herself, and everyone else, in a place where everything has fallen apart.

Writ/Perf by Cheryl Serio
"Dames" is a cabaret salute to the smart, sexy, wise-cracking women who left their special mark in 1930's – 1950's cinema.  Written and performed by Cheryl Serio, "Dames" tells a tuneful tale of how Cheryl, growing up in suburban Catholic Chicago, set out to transform herself into the classic Dame of Hollywood, such as Rita Hayworth, Marlene Dietrich and Barbara Stanwyck.  In other words: how to turn a pious, plaid schoolgirl skirt into a cool, confident strapless.

Playwright:  May Nazareno
Director:  Teresa Thuman

Suspended between two worlds, Dead Woman Home tells the true story of a Filipina UN aide reported as dead in the August, 2003 bombing of the UN headquarters in Bagdad. As her loved ones reel with the tragic news, this timely and inspiring multi-media solo play ricochets between New York and Baghdad examining the unseen human toll of war.

Playwright:  Aoise Stratford
Director:  Zanne Gerrard

Love strikes in a chance meeting over spilled coffee.  

Playwright:  Mary Miller
Director:  Laurel Paxton

A short play dealing with the around and around we go of life, and when we get stopped…anything, everything, nothing – or who knows.  Charming, subtle, love story.       

"GERI & HAROLD"         
Playwright:  Heidi Heimarck
Director:  Tammis Doyle

A short play about yearning, forgiveness and how to spell words and use proper grammar; including a short monologue about the downfall of our society, and another one about running away on a motorcycle.  Don't miss it! 

"HIDING HANNAH" : A staged reading of new work
Playwright:  Joy McCullough-Carranza
Director:  Teresa Thuman

When sixteen-year-old Hannah was kidnapped a year ago, her family fell to pieces.  Now Hannah is back and everyone must learn to be a family again  Outside, the media swarms for the slightest sign of activity, led by Lucinda, a reporter largely responsible for bringing Hannah home.  A dark comedy about family tragedy, the public's need to know, and what happens when the world comes crashing in.

Writ/Performed by Keri Healey
Keri Healey reads from her body of erotic prose.  Each reading featured different stories. 

Playwright:  Cherisse Montgomery
Director:  Judy Jacobs

In this poetic piece, a young woman confronts her own disfigured body by writing about ancient Amazons. As Lillian recites her poem, she is momentarily distracted by resentful memories of her husband who left her, yet with her final words, she rediscovers the beauty she thought had been destroyed.

Playwright/Director:  Malinda Sorci 
n second grade, we chased the boys and kissed them behind the old oak tree.  I never kissed anyone.  I was only interested in Jason Ramm, the only boy I couldn't outrun.  We chased the boys through our sixth grade year, and I never caught him.  By seventh grade, I had gotten faster, probably fast enough.  But by then, I was in love with Thomas Shea.  

"MALADAPTIVE" : A staged reading of work in progress
Writ/Directed by Jennifer Pratt
Ever felt like if you didn't have the  evolutionary airbag of modern living to pad you that you would have been selected out of the gene pool by now?  Penned by the same author as the popular "Gamegirl" of last year's Seattle Fringe Festival, comes a tawdry exploration of the dumbest, meanest, most self-lacerating behavior on offer among people of child-bearing age.

Playwright:  Jewel Seehaus-Fisher
Director:  SJ Chiro

After 15 years of forced separation, two sister meet in a Mexican airport.

Writ/performed by Amy E. Ragsdale
In this engaging performance installation, renowned socialite Margot Godfrey invites onlookers into her world defined by the art of social graces.  While chatting about the importance of grooming and the arcane rules of manners, Margot will reveal elements of her sordid past and path towards aesthetic perfection.  Needless to say, Margot confuses charm with virtue.  Visit with Margot and let her guide you to a higher (and tidier!) moral ground. Three short performances:Housecleaning,
Grooming, & Etiquette.
Amy creates eccentric characters inspired by people on the fringes of society.  Hard to typify, the work is best described as somewhere between movement, absurdist theater and clown.  Next to Godliness is one in a series of interactive performance installations.  Amy is also a producer and curator.  In 2001, she was awarded an MA in Philosophy from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium).

Playwright: Rachel Jackson
Director: Heidi Broadhead

Once upon a time, in the land just between the bachelorette party and the wedding, there lived a reluctant bride, her wicked mother-in-law, and two ugly bridesmaid’s dresses, all dreading the dawn.  Oddly enough, they all manage to live happily ever after

Director:  Lauren Appel 

A desperate stalking victim seeks help from the police, only to find herself a target of an assault investigation.  With nowhere else to turn and nothing left to lose, she cleverly turns the tables on her stalker and on the police officer who refused to take her seriously, finding out along the way that sanity's a lot more unusual than she thought.

Playwright:  Roxanne Ray
Director:  Brooke Cochran  
Specters of Terror is a set of two companion pieces concerning a modern phenomenon that refuses to loosen its grip: hatred, both national and interpersonal. In "The Francs-Tireurs," the „free-shootersš of the Belgian resistance in World War I face the slander of their German occupiers, while others try to sort out the „truth"Obsolete and Sm" brings us back from the political to the personal, in which the dead family of a teen-aged boy seeks peace and understanding following his murder of them. Based on true stories in contemporary and 20th-century Western history, these two plays examine homegrown  hatred, and the fears, greed, and loneliness that facilitate it.

Playwright:  Robin Rice Lichtig
Director:  Theresa Diekhans

Warning: appendix removal may have wider ramifications than you ever dreamed! On the eve of his 21st birthday, Wally finds himself in a bizarre hospital where he must struggle for independence. A nun, a saint, his over-protective mother and his lover aren't exactly making it easy.

Playwright:  Wendy MacLaughlin
Director:  Laurel Paxton

This short piece is a touching story where we might begin to wonder just who is the patient and who is the doctor  If you find yourself full of life questions; here is another one to explore and add to her list.

Playwright:  Tamara Paris
Director:  Lauren Appel

The birds are chirping, the coffee is brewing, and two broken bodies lie cooling on the floor.   Say good morning to murder. Sergeant Dick Lunblad has seen plenty of baffling cases in his twenty-five year career in homicide, but he's got a feeling in his gut that this one might take the prize.  Doesn't he owe these victims justice?  Won't they rest uneasy  until the puzzle of their gruesome demise is solved?  Or have they maybe, just maybe, already found a better way to spend their afterlife?

Playwright:  Romney Gibson and Amanda Aikman
Director:  Tara Jensen

What happens when a close-knit group of friends whose lives center around their pooches meet their beloved buddy's new finance (who only likes "very, very remote" dogs)?  A romantic comedy pitting dog lovers against true love.

Playwright:  Carolynne Wilcox, Courtney I. Lewin and Laura J. Parkening
Director:  Sarah Rodriguez Giese       
A zany romp through the happenings of two mismatched friends, their therapist, and the hunk they're all dating who's just turned up dead.

"THE PRACTICE BABY"                                                
Playwright:  Molly Best-Tinsley
Director:  Ellen Graham

The Practice Baby is a witty dramedy that explores the relationship between mother and daughter with a surprising examination of a mother's past. By turns funny, sweet, bratty, hilarious and touching, The Practice Baby has three very real and very complex women coming face to face with each other and deciding what it means to be a family. Starring Jerri Lee Young, Aly Bedford and Kelly Balch.

Playwright:  Tess Hardwick
Director:  Carrie Whitney

Domestic violence and the strong ties of motherhood are explored in this one woman piece set in the confines of a woman's prison.

Playwright:  Susan Riemen-Ihli
Director:  Lauri Watkins

Wine.  Fireworks.  A boat out on the lake.  What more could you want?  One million dollars and tickets to Paris.  Five years ago, Jack and Judy vowed to make a million and live happily ever after in France.  And by God, they leave tomorrow morning.  But neither Jack nor Judy is sure just how the other earned their share.  And they might not want to know…