MaeWestFest 2007

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Female Protagonist WINNER !

Esmerelda Blue: La Mujer Moderna (A Modern Woman)' by Amparo Garcia-Crow

Reading at Theatre Off Jackson

Wednesday Feb 28 @ 7 pm = By Donation

‘Esmeralda Blue: La Mujer Moderna’ is a dark comedy that centers around Dolores, a middle-aged New Yorker who was adopted by a Cuban family, after her teenage mother Esmeralda Blue, gave her up for adoption. When a crate of sixteenth century gold coins are uncovered in nowhere South Texas, Dolores is invited to journey to the border as the "heiress" of this potential fortune. In the process, she discovers she is fact a Mexican-American woman, whose Marquis de Sade-like grandfather is being honored with a museum. Because Dolores is forced to encounter her grandfather’s bizarre masonry, which was designed to torture the woman who broke his heart during Pancho Villa’s revolution, she has the opportunity to redeem her birth mother's femme-fatale legacy. By uncovering an ancient grief that mirrors the challenges of her present life, Dolores unexpectedly claims her authentic Tex-Mex self which in turn fortifies her to return to New York infused by the undaunted spirit of her ancestors. Amparo Garcia-Crow enriches Dolores' contemporary story with characters from the past, and paints a rich and brutal history of love, deceit, denial and, finally, acceptance.

“Turns out these skull boys had the Apache Chief Geronimo’s skull in their cellar and I guess they wanted Pancho Villa’s head as well... for their collection. These fellas were up in New Haven... the one that paid me was a serious fella named Prescott Bush... who personally offered to pay me $25,000 dollars for Villa’s skull, which at the time, was enough for someone like myself to buy a sheep farm.”

“I don’t know what it is. (between sobs) But this woman.. has fucking destroyed me. “

“Regardless of the circumstances. I told myself... if I can touch something eternal with my own hands... it will change me forever. I don’t know why I know that. But I do.”

Bio: Amparo Garcia-Crow plays have been developed at South Coast Repertory Theatre and have had world premieres Off-Broadway, at Actor’s Theatre of Louisville Actor’s showcase, in Chicago, Los Angeles and various theatres in the Southwest. She is a second-time finalist for the Heidman Award from the Actor’s Theatre of Louisville. Her new play “The Faraway Nearby” recently received a reading from Nosotros in Hollywood, California at the Ricardo Montalban Theatre and additional development at Eugene Lee’s Black and Latino Playwright Conference at Texas State University. Amparo is also developing “Unknown Soldier: The New American Musical of Mexican Descent” which was recently featured in Hector Galen’s documentary: “Visiones (Visions): Latino Art and Culture” on PBS. Her half hour film, “Loaves and Fishes” (which she also stars in) recently aired on the PBS series “Territories”, after premiering at SXSW Film Festival and the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival. As a former James Michener fellow, Amparo won the Larry King Playwriting Award for her play, “. . .and wings to fly”. She presently teaches screenwriting and playwriting at Austin Community College and is working on a new full length play ommissioned by the Latino Initiative sponsored by Austin’s Scriptworks (in association with
Teatro Vivo).